Depressed boyfriend what do I do?

Past 3 weeks my boyfriend has distanced himself due to issues he has been dealing at home (regarding his parent's divorce). I gave him his space and he kept telling me that he feels depressed, nothing makes him happy and he doesn't want to see anyone. 3 days ago he went radio silent on me and i texted him to ask him if he was okay. He ended up calling me in panic and started telling me that he isn't doing too well and problems at home have been seeping into other aspects of his life (such as our relationship). He told me he has a lot of guilt etc and is now overthinking our healthy relationship. He thinks that I'm going to end up unhappy like his mom one day because of him and that he is afraid he will have a fear of commitment in the future. I told him I was confused because we were so perfect and good and that this literally came out of no where. He said he doesn't know what to do and all that he knows is that he is afraid. I got frustrated and told him not to make decisions on our relationship based on his fears and home problems especially because nothing is wrong with us! He told me he needed space to think his thoughts through and fix his home and i let him know thats fine. Half an hour later he called me to tell me he loves me and he just nees space.

Here we are. I have now become depressed myself and anxious. I can't eat, sleep or leave the house because it has left me with crippling fear of him leaving me. i love him so much and im really confused.

Two days of radio silence and he texted me today to say he misses me. I am confused- I dont know where this is heading or going and I need clarity.
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Just want to note- he has always made it clear that he wants to marry me and see me in his future. we had this conversation just a few weeks ago which makes things even more confusing. its like a full 180 in the matter of weeks.
Depressed boyfriend what do I do?
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