BOYS please answer?

An old classmate asked me to coffee
Then on the day we were suppose to go he “got sick”

the Other night I asked if he could pick me up from the bar

we had a connection and we were intimate

The next day I texted him :hello

He replied he didn’t mean to lead me on and asked if I wanted to talk about?

I said no

I am so heartbroken because this guy let me be me and we laughed the whole night and we snuggled and he mad sure I got home safely from drinking and he told me funny stories about his family and the physical chemistry was very hard to fight

I don’t know if I should wait a while (few months ) before I try to talk to him again

In my heart I felt I messed everything up because I snapped when he couldn’t make our coffee date and when he picked me up I was upset Because I didn’t think he’d show up for me at the bar and I wouldn’t let him kiss me or hug me when He tired and also he wanted to start season one of my favorite serious even though there was eight seasons

I fell like I let my insecurities from my past hold me back from trying to accept love and I don’t know what to do?
BOYS please answer?
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