Will she ever talk to me?

So I’ve been going out with this girl for 5 months and we were each other’s “first loves”. I fell deep lol.

I was a great boyfriend, we met each other’s families, she met my friends. I took to amazing place/cities and provided everything basically. She was super into me/super attracted to me. She used to be fat but was already skinny and exercising when we met.

It’s been a childhood dream to move from Texas to California (for tech) and after hard work I finally got an acceptance into a school there. I told her once I got accepted and she didn’t really show how she felt and I guess let it bottle up in her that I was gonna leave her.

We had our second fight (only 2) the night after I was hanging out with her and family. I was being moody and needy and she was indecisive on hanging out. She went out to a party and I got mad and fought on the phone. She said she can’t take it anymore and hung up on me. She came to my place later and broke it off. I showed no emotion and I basically kicked her out while she was crying.

A day or so later I saw my problems (I’m good at self-reflection) and wanted to let her know that I think our relationship is greater than the petty little problems we had. I called her/we hung out. She was still attracted to me we had sex a lot and acted like a couple again. When we called she said she just wants casual (and won’t talk to other guys) because she doesn’t want to be hurt when I move, I said I’m not going to do that (said that’s not cool) said we should stop talking. She said ok and we stopped talking.

It’s been almost 4 weeks, I’ve been moving on but I can’t stop wondering why she hasn’t reached out since school is almost over and I’m going back home and will never see her again then this fall I’m moving. At one point she followed me on Instagram and I accepted but didn’t follow back and she kept looking at all my stories, after some days it fucked with me and I removed her. We also kind of passed by once but didn’t say anything.
Will she ever talk to me?
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