How to act if I see my ex at the bar?

Hey guys, so this girl is coming this weekend, she's not really my ex, because we never really officially dated, but we had enough intimate contact and we were close to call it some kind of relationship, so anyway, now, we don't talk anymore mostly because of me, because I pushed it too much trying to make her make me her boyfriend officially, and then we had fights because of that, so briefly, I initiated cutting all contacts because I thought she's playing with me and that she's never gonna date me (she way saying that she needs some time, but on the other hand I was doing almost everything than I'd do if I were her boyfriend, the only thing is she didn't want commitment).
Anyways, so please don't try to analyze all these past things, just tell me how should I behave when I see her this weekend at the bar? I understand that I probably dont have any chance of anything that would make me happy, but if there is some specific best way I can act/behave at least to increase my chances, what would that be? To be honest, I feel like I'd want to be some kind of friends at least, to start talking again. I understand that I should not go and talk to her when I see her, but is there any other things I should keep in my mind? is there things I should not do/say or should do/say? what if she comes to me and says hi, how should I behave? I also I understand that she might be even dating someone already, anything can happen, I' trying to prepare myself to the worst case scenario and trying to avoid seeing something that would hurt my feelings, but at the same time I just want to see her and see what she would do if she sees me, because we never met after deciding to cut contacts on Snapchat message (and it sucks that I can't move on, but I have no idea what she feels, if she's moving on or she wants to see me too).
How to act if I see my ex at the bar?
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