how do I sort my feelings out?

Past 3 weeks my boyfriend has distanced himself due to issues he has been dealing at home (regarding his parent's divorce). I gave him his space and 3 weeks later he calls me and attempted to break up with me because he doesn't want me to end up like his mom in the future. I told him I was confused because we were so perfect and good and we always talk about marriage and kids and that this literally came out of nowhere. He said he doesn't know what to do and all that he knows is that he is afraid and confused (he wanted to break it off right then and there). I told him not to make rash decisions and think this stupid decision through and he did and called me to tell me loves me.

I called him last night to ask him what happened and why he wanted to break up with me all of a sudden? he said he wasn't in a right state of mind and told me the way he thinks about relationships is tainted due to his parents divorce years ago. He said that he was afraid he wasn't fufilling my emotional needs enough and that the breakup that almost happened was him trying to save us from a future divorce and my future unhappiness. He told me that the reason he was avoiding me for 3 weeks was he was distancing himself to figure out what he wanted to do. he told me has his eyes opened for "warning signs" that his parents saw and never realized would lead to their divorce. I tried to tell him that every relationship is different and no one is perfect. He said he doesn't want a "dependency" to happen with him but we only see eachother once a week and maybe text once or twice a day and he agrees that it isn't a sign of dependency so im extremely confused.

As much as we had our long talk I am still hurt, confused and now I have this huge black cloud over our relationship that I never had before.

all that happened in these 3 weeks were sudden and weird and he isn't himself at all. he also still does not want to see me.
how do I sort my feelings out?
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