My best buddy's girlfriend wants to help me get my ex back? should I be nervous?

Very simply put my ex broke up with me for legitimate reasons. I have been fixing the problems but I don't know how to approach her now and show her the change. were long distance, separate school campuses and she just contracted with her schools ROTC program, she has a new boyfriend, we did the month of no contact.

My buddy's girlfriend has said that she is going to help me get her back because she says she saw the change and saw how much I love her during that no contact month. I am just wondering if involving her will be beneficial or if I will look like a wuss who can't fight his battle. I am out of ideas the relationship books all are useless, I haven't talked to her but I know there is a huge wall now. her friend Jen is being manipulative and is flat out lying to her, the army, and this new guy are all in my way now. the army has been her lifelong dream and I would never take that from her no matter what happens between us.

Its a long complicated situation my other questions cover the time line and the events leading to now.

Is having her walk to the door to deliver my sorry letter and talk to her being a little baby or could it be helpful? woman to Woman vs. man who screwed up and hurt resentful woman who wants to get him out of her life for awhile.


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  • Do it yourself, it you try maybe it will work out or maybe just leave it open stay in touch anything can happen in the future


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