I'm going through the worst phase of life?

I was in a relationship with her from last 6 years. I cheated on her 6-7 times. I slept with another girl. one day I told her the truth about me or what I did all. She went to my mumma and told her the truth too. my mother knows everything now after that she gave me last chance. I was 100% honest this time. I was giving my 100% but still I was over protective. We spend 10 days together after all this. She was so dam happy and me too. Clicked a lot of pictures. After these 10 days she went to Canada for higher studies. after She reached there, she changed after 3 days. She said I can't take it anymore. Now everything is coming in my mind its over. Now I lost her. Now I know her value.
I wish I valued her love before. She never cheated on me. She never did anything. I was wrong all the time. What do i do now?
I'm going through the worst phase of life?
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