Do you think he will come back?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 4 months ago
We still remained friends - we still keep in contact several times every week and hang out every week
he's the one that broke it off due to pursuing his career and wanting to focus on that more
But yesterday, we went out for lunch and he found out that I have been seeing another guy because he saw my hickey
He was upset about it
He told me that he's hurt that i was seeing another guy and that he really loved me
He said he never went out and made out with another girl after we broke up and still wanted us to work out
He returned all my things when i came over
And he told me that we will not see each other again and won't message me anymore after this and dont want me to contact him again
He told me he's happy that i found someone
And then when he dropped me home, he sent me a long goodbye message and he just blocked me on everything
I still love him though 😔😔

I understand I hurt him but its not like im cheating
But i do feel like a douche right now
And i was never serious with the guy i was seeing anyway

If a guy truly loved me, he would come back right?
Yes he would come back
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Do you think he will come back?
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