Did I ruin my chances?

So, I posted yesterday about a date I went on with this guy (on Wednesday) and I couldn't figure out if he was interested. The majority of people here said he seemed like he was but I should wait for him to contact me after the date. So, I was bad and texted him just saying that I hope he was having a good weekend. I sent the text a few hours ago, and have not gotten a response. however, it is later in the day than I would normally text him on a weekend.

Do you think I ruined my chances of him being interested by contacting him? I only ask cause I do have a history of contacting a guy more than I should and scaring them off. I was doing good till I absent mindedly picked up my phone (I had not texted him the two days before).


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  • All this about the right time to contact a guy after a date and all is actually unnecessary. If you really listen to your heart, you will know what is the right time.

    The problem is that we often cloud our heart with our imagination, fantasy and wants. Our wants make us manipulative. We want something to happen and hence we play games and try to manipulate the other person's feelings and act based on voodoo like, waiting for the right amount of time before contacting again, saying the right thing etc.. Our fantasy makes us believe that the person is probably perfect for us and we need to do everything to make it work Our imagination plays tricks on us, and keep wondering whether he / she liked us or not. If you truly remove all this cloud, your heart knows best.

    For example, if you meet the right person (who is right for you and you are right for him), the date would not end even if the evening ended. You could be talking on the phone, even as your are going to your separate homes. In such a case, what would be the right time to wait before calling the person when the evening ended? 1 second? Five seconds?

    So, remove all the cloud, and listen to your heart.


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  • I think that you're still okay. One simple text asking him if he is having a good weekend is okay to me. I don't think that it's a bad thing that he hasn't texted you back yet.

    • Thank you! I guess I just need reasurance. I have been back dating for a year now after a really destructive relationship and I tend to be self destructive when I meet people I like in contacting them to much

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  • If you texting him one time ruined your chances then he probably wasn't all that interested but no more texting him! Let him pursue youuu!

    • I know, I just have a history of being VERY agressive with guys I like and so I am unnessearily worried I think. Though on the positive side I have been doing better than usual and text him max once every two days so far and it has been working in my favor up to this point. I shall wait and see if he contacts me at all

    • Good Luck :)

      Just keep busy and don't overanalyze your situation too much!

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