Girls, My ex girlfriend wants to give me closure and she's pregnant?

Bit of an odd one here, just having trouble figuring this out.

So we dated last summer and it was great, but I messed up and that was it. I found a letter from her co worker saying how he loved her and I confronted her about it at the time and she said she would deal with it. Eventually it ate away at me and I eventually screwed it up because I asked her or said things about it when I was drunk. Im not a drunk, I have a great job, house, car, motorcycle. Basically I am my own man and can manage myself. But it still got to me as I was cheated on previously.

Anyway we've been broken up for 8 months, she messaged me back in January asking for a couple favours. I didn't comply as she is an adult and she dumped me so she can handle this on her own. Then in February she sent me a message saying she wanted to tell me something, she's pregnant with the dude she was with after me. Fine, cool, great and good luck I said. Sucks as I really loved her and we had great times together. And cool that she told me, I just wished her the best of luck. She told me she wasn't with him anymore and she was keeping the baby. I asked her if that was the best idea, and I never said anything about an abortion but none the less I wished her good luck.

Here we are in May and she sent me a message saying Hey, I want to talk to you because I think you need closure. I don't want to get back together with you as I have my own things to deal with. So I sent her a message back saying What spurred your to ask me this months after the fact? She blocked me and then added me on another social platform. She then said that she thought she was a bitch and would like to talk. So I asked her Ok well when and she replied I don't know.

So confused, but if anything Ill give her my time when I have time. I feel she's trying to justify her action of dumping me maybe because she's sad and pregnant, although Im not entirely sure if thats the truth. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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Thank you ladies. I've decided to cut contact and let her wallow in her guilt. She lost a good man and thats something shell have to learn to deal with on her own. And also she's 24, I'm 30, so time to grow up and stop playing games. Shell never be happy doing that but I wish her the best in the future.
Girls, My ex girlfriend wants to give me closure and she's pregnant?
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