One month later same guy who wrote the last letter now says? What he is saying?

I read our horoscope today not a good day for written communication, Bucky misses you a lot

I think a lot about what was good and special in our relationship.

I often have second thoughts, wish that I had not become so upset...

He wrote me this email today...I don't know what to say to him...I don't know what he is saying...or why ...unclear...what do I say back? Or nothing?


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  • Sounds like he wants a second chance w/you... It's your choice whether or not to give him it. Be sure to consider everything in your decision. Does he even deserve you? If he dumped you once, what's going to stop him from breaking your heart again? Did you separate on good terms? etc etc..

    Make SMART choices so that you have no regrets later. GOOD LUCK! ^_^


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