Girls, girl with boyfriend is confusing?

Shown sigbs fr weeks on and off. involved staring a lot , listening in, trying to sneak glances. i caught her talking to her friends about me. she look at me with confidence and others nervously after trying to smile at me.

She would get super anxious and fidget a lot. And try to sneak glances. When caught she wouldn't know to look or not or smile and look away fast. She got jealous if seen me talking to another girl and get upset and avoid looking at me.

decided to speak to her and try and make her comfortable Once a week I would sit with her and talk about loads of stuff and with her friends but there all introverted. She was still nervous and shy and would constantly play with her hair or just giggle at everything etc. She started looking at me loads in class and continued talking about me to her friends. Once I decided to compliment her looks but we was kind of shy. I had to leave for class and she kept staring and talking about me like all her quietness went away but when she noticed I caught her talking about me she stopped and stared.

I backed off and stopped talking with her and disappeared. If i walk in to the library. her friends kept staring at me , and she watches me when i return books when she's studying and looks me in the face like she's upset and blushes. Before she knew i stopped having lunch she was happy then everytime i saw her she looked depressed. which normally after we talk or I make it known I like her she gets really happy and talkative.

found out she and her friends hiding from me that she has a boyfriend. why would she hide that

Then act this way when I stop having lunch or talking to her also I disappeared from college due to training committments for 6 weeks.

Icame back, I didn't talk, and she looked unhappy. in class I smiled when looking at her and she tried to stop herself from smiling. she starts staring at the ground the whole class looking upset and sad. Then i look at her and she avoids eye contact and looks sensitive.
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So then I look away and she secretely look at me. Then at the end of class I was talking to my friend and sge stared at me ignoring everything else. continued not to talk. but all she does take quick glances or pretend I don't exist which it feels like she doing on purposeAlso if i walk past and dont say hi. But hi to someone behind her she goes silent even if she was talking. Then they love wait till they get enough dustance and talk about me again. I don't understand as one time she super shy
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was sat opposite in meeting she looked depressed. After sge was looking down making drink. I lked sge try not to smile. Fail and locked eyes and we was staring and smiling.

Week after I ask her out. Sge said sge had boyfriend. I said can I have number. She said no. I said I give her mine if it don't workout call me. She said no i saud why she said she been with him long time. I ask why she been smiling at me then. she got defensive and said just being nice. LOL
Girls, girl with boyfriend is confusing?
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