How can I stop feeling angry that my ex cheated?

It has been almost 3 months. My anger has begun to subside a bit, and i don’t feel hopeless anymore. I don’t have anxiety attacks or think about the cheating 24/7 anymore. About a month ago, I went no contact. I was doing well and I was starting to find happiness again. Then he decided to try and call me. I found out it’s because he “wanted to see if i had blocked him” (bull crap!). Anyways. I went off on him for that. I told him it selfish and to leave me alone, that i don’t want him anymore. Anyways. It’s been 2 weeks since that encounter and he just reopened a wound i had been trying so desperately to heal! I have had him blocked for a while now, and i just hate feeling this anger. I want to move on and be happy. But, it still hurts and I just don’t want to care about him anymore. He is a bad person who always makes ME the terrible person who i react badly to him! He’s all a hypocrite and selfish, and shifts the blame all the time!!
How can I stop feeling angry that my ex cheated?
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