My ex did what?

After all the times my ex turned me down to talk or just fix things and get closure, I gave up and haven't tried contacting him for 5 months. In those 5 months, I would see him everywhere. Literally everywhere. And today I added him on snapchat and he added me back. Does that mean he's cool with me? If you are a guy put yourself in his shoes, why would you add me back?
1 y
So he unadded me a few hours after. I didn't text him or anything to try and trigger this. I later texted him on instagram and said happy birthday, he said "thanks bruh". and then I asked how he's doing and he left me on read. I don't think that's a bad thing to ask your ex. It doesn't bother me to be honest, no I'm not going to try with him if thats what you're wondering, I was just trying to be friendly. But the whole thing is pretty confusing. I dont get why he would go through all of that.
My ex did what?
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