I want to take revenge from the man who sent my best friend to hospital. Ideas? Don't say to not do it. I will anyways 😁?

I talk with a guy who probably likes me. well not probably. I am sure cause he told me already. The problem with this guy is that he hurt my best friend a lot in the past. When I say a lot I mean the hell a lot. He fooled her that he wanted relatioship while he is a womanizer who sleeps with many. Somehow he convinced her and the poor girl didn' have any experience with men. See this woman was virgin and he wanted sex and he pushed her. When he found a new easier model he left her broken in pieces. Her parents are severe and they kicked her out of house so she wnet to him for help but he didn't help her. She is 25 by the way and now she will finosh college after a year of crying for this asshole. She lives with me and i help her thats how i know everything. Nowdays we met randomly outside with the ex and he give me hints. He thinks I don't know this girl and I don' tknow the story but I know Everything. And I want to hurt him and make him spill blood for what he did to my friend. All this time she cried and was hospitalized and he was having sex with two other women. And now he wants to add me also to collection lollllll. He is the type of guy who is manipulative and narcissist. 35 from indian origin who lived for years in Europe but can't leave behind the mentality of his country. He shows he is religious doesn't pray but avoid drinks and pork but he fucked 20 womem so far so yeah pretty religious guy. Now he only cares about pussies and money. He had bad experiences with women in the past but that doesn't give him the right to mess with the life of my VIRGIN AND INNOCENT AS FUCK FRIEND. He believes he knows everything and all women chase him. My friend was a huge ego boost for him cause she is really attractive but with low self esteem. I think now is the time to take things on my own hands and make him pay for all the suffering he caused. If you want to help me mess with him I would appreciate a lot cause this bastard really needs this. Thanks !
Tell him I am interested too date for few times and then reject him saying he isn't good enough (dick is small not hansdome enough boring etc)
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He cares for his mother opinion soooo mess with his family. Send his mommy all the details of his lifestyle. I'm sure she will love.
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Tell the other women he fucks about his character.. all will leave him alone and he will be fucked for a while
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Not do anything. Karma will strike him.(I don't like this option cause I'm ready for revenge but anyways )
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I want to take revenge from the man who sent my best friend to hospital. Ideas? Don't say to not do it. I will anyways 😁?
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