She came crawling back!!!!! Ball is in my court now!!!

I figured I bring Some success stories to give the hopeless some hope.

Long story short: 5 months ago, just out of the blue she stopped answering, no reply to my text,. A week later told me she was unhappy, needed some space. A week later dumped me. Got in to a rebound 2 weeks later. told she didn't want me anymore, and hope that I find happiness else where.

I been living this nightmare till I let go last month. she called private today. Told her I moved on. ever since than her entire family has been calling (even an aunt I've never met!) telling me that she has been crying( not my problem)

Well I'm not too sure what I'm going to do yet but I figured i"d let you all know .


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  • A success story? You tell your ex that you're over her, and she proceeds to bawl her eyes out night and day, what sort of success is that?


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  • Dont take her back. She didn't want you when you were ready, she is just realising that she missed out and is trying to get you back. But if you take her back I guarantee the same thing will happen. Looks like karma has its way of working things out.

  • i understand. success as in... getting over your ex and now she wants you back.


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