Do I still have a shot?

So there is a girl that I like and I'm trying to get her to go out with me. She is always friendly with me and I made it known to her I like her and would like to date her.

So I asked her if she wanted to go out for drinks or dinner one night. She told me that she is still completely heart broken with her ex that she just recently broke up with. But she would like to do drinks as friends. I told her via text that I could wait as I think it is worth it and that I have other things I'd like to focus on as wait (work and mma).

I also told her that I understood her situation and if the best I can do is friends then so be it. Which she texted me back saying that she appreciated understanding and she wished she wasn't having so much trouble with her breakup and that day by day it was getting better and she needs to try to get over it.

So for everyone - do girls ever come around after trying to get over their ex? From what little I do know about her past dating, she does take it hard when she breaks up.

So an update. Last night I went to the bar where she works. She greeted me like normal and we talked a few times when she slowed down. But something about it felt awkward for me and her. Just wasn't right and it seemed she was a little bit more stand.
off than normal and not did it get later did she start to talk to me and my friend. I am not sure really what I should think but I have to think she really isn't that interested in me. Or that focused on passing her test next week.


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  • i think you need to bite the bullet, I think you've already let her know you are definitely into when there is an appropriate moment...ask if she could see herself being into you one day, so you know if you're 'on the same page' at least in terms of basic attraction...or also just you think we could only ever be friends...and just explain that this way you know and don't have false hope kinda thing...

    some girls like having guy admirers 'orbiting' around them so be careful of that

    def keep your options open as you've already said :) :) but stay friends without getting too emotionally involved if you think you can handle it

    • Thanks....ya I will have to wait for the right time when I can speak to her and see what happens. I don't think she is the kind of girl that likes to have guys orbiting around her in that fashion. Well I will hope for the best and see what happens.

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  • it's kind of hard to say...but she's definitely not completely 'no' to you...but it doesn't sound lika strong yes either...maybe she's still in limbo

    so you should decide if you want to keep seeing if there's a possibility with her, asking her out...or do that and at the same time try to find someone 'available'...

    hope you find a nice girlfriend one day either way!

    • Yeah it is very confusing for me too. I agree it feels like limbo. My friend tells me to move on she doesn't seem that interested. But I don't know and I hold out hope. I think there is still a chance and that her head is on other things. I would be okay if she told me no then I would know which is better than not.

      I will continue to pursue until told otherwise. I made my decision and even if I see the cliff coming I'll continue my road. Not the best but I think she is worth it. Thank u!

    • Nay you're more worth it I say!! I think you should work things w her but continue to meet other girls and try hard to find a connection elsewhere...

      good luck!!

  • sure they come around.

    be patient and see what happens but keep your options open, don't just focus on her because you might miss out on others who are emotionally available and definitely interested.

    but I would try to find out if she is romantically interested or attracted...irrespective of getting over her ex

    • Thanks I agree I will keep my options open just in case. But how would I go about asking her if she is interested in me irrespective of her getting over her ex?

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