Does my boyfriend still love his ex?

I've been with my boyfriend for about 5 months now. When we started dating, I asked him about the previous girl he was with as they hadn't broken up for that long. I know he was in love with her. When they were together everyone thought they were going to get engaged soon. But he assured me it was over between them two for a couple of months. But the night he first posted about us on Facebook, he blocked her so she couldn't see. Then she text him saying she was confused as to why he had blocked her considering everything he text her a couple of nights before? He lied to her and said he wanted to be on his own (even though he was with me.) So immediately that confused me as he said that they had been over for a while.

Then fast forward another couple of months and I found out that he messaged her from his friends phone apologising for what he did to her and asked for her number. I also found out he started going into her workplace (which is a public space, so it could be explained.)

Then this weekend, I found out that he had been texting her telling her that she deserved the world and that he was sorry for everything he put her through. He sent her pictures of them two as a couple (which I didn't realise he even still had on his phone.) He also told her he thinks about her all the time, that she was the best and that she was too good to him. He also text her saying that he would be having more fun if she was with him. She said that she was confused with her feelings so he asked her to go to his that night so they could talk things out and if he got too late she could stay at his. He also said they should go to the zoo the next day and that he was really happy! She didn't end up meeting with him, which I'm so grateful for! Also throughout all of this, he has never mentioned me to her.

What the heck? He tells me he loves me and but then he is doing all of this behind my back... What do you think this means?
Does my boyfriend still love his ex?
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