Is it even worth my time to keep trying?

So me and my partner have been together for about three years going on four. We started off bad , He lied various of times kept things like other woman's calls , but in the end decided to give it a second chance I still felt unsure but thought hey ill give him the second chance...So now he still keeps things from me he "forgets" to tell me where he was going...He always sides with his mother on decisions we should be making and that kind stuff... I have actually told him what I felt but it always ends in a discussion I'm tired of the relationship but we have a kid so should I just stay and be miserable I don't know really I need help I'm confused angry resentful so many bad feelings and I don't know what to do ?

\Its difficult for me as well because in my familys prespective you stay in and suck it up...Which leaves me to not being able to talk with anyone in my family about my situation ,bacause I can be a 100% they are not going to be very supportive..


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  • If you want to walk away you still have to deal with him, visiting rights, custody, and child support etc...


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  • If you aren't happy then leave. I'm sure in the long run your child would rather have two separate households where their parents are happy instead of them being together and fighting and not happy. If he's still siding with his mother than it sounds like he hasn't fully grown up yet and can't make decisions without her which is a red flag. You need to just talk to him and let him know how you feel and that as the mother of his child you deserve better treatment. Let him know how he can make things better (if he can) and ask him if he's willing to do those things and work on the relationship. If he isn't then leave. If you guys can't work things out then its going to be hard on your child regardless but two homes that aren't filled with fighting is a lot better than one that is for a child to be around.

    • I actually am not at all happy just live in constant negative thinking that exhaust me so much....But I agree I do need to leave and I knw that but my child was the only one holding me on that wagon ....I don't want to end up hating him because he is the father no matter what but just telling him how I feel about the situation just always ends up bad so that's not really an option for me, I knw that I deserve someone else that will respect me and be on my side

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