I think I just lost the man I love but which one is it?

Ok i tell my on and off again boyfriend that I'm done I am walking. I can tell he either doesn't believe me or he doesn't wanna deal with me. I then run to this friend of mine that has been crazy about me for a year and tell him I'm done and i want to be with him. He in returns says its too late and that he is going to try dating this girl. He can't miss another opportunity if I'm not really done with my boyfriend. I cried like a baby when i found out. Then I calmed myself down and i said to him after your done with trying with her, ill be through my break up and a better version of me and then I'm coming to get you. He laughed and he wasn't opposed to the idea but he is still hurt it took me a year to figure this out. But my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and I just couldn't even consider my friend until i knew I was done and I have been trying and etc the last 6 months has been checked out. SO now i know how my friend feels bc for once he finally said no to me and i had been saying no to him for a year. I just wish i hadn't been so stupid. Now i have two options walk and maybe find someone else or maybe get my friend back. Or give my ex another chance.
Get my EX to be a better man
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Walk away and try and get my friend back
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move on from both!
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I think I just lost the man I love but which one is it?
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