Can I still get him back after I broke his heart 2 twice?

I was with this guy twice the first break up was me needing space since he said I love you and the second one was cause I cheated. I told him I made a big mistake and regretted it. He forgave me but things went down hill after it. I want him back really badly even though I'm with a new guy you still miss him. He treated me like a queen and I made the biggest mistake I could ever make> how do I get him back when I called him he was quiet and answered everything with only a word or two. If their is still a chance 2 be with him how do I get him back(((it's been 4 months since the break up)))


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  • Yes but chances are he won't trust you and might just have some fun instead maybe play you...


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  • If he came back after the second time ha. premature "i love u" that his fault but you did cheat on him. Its kind 50 50. Los Angele's all day! I'm from Long Beach

    • What is the premature I love u?

    • Puppy love. your young. I don't think you like the guy. I thikn your looking for his attention again. you said it yourself "he treated you like a queen" yet. you're with a guy AND you cheated on this guy you say you want back. its not real, and your fooling yourself

    • He said I love you to soon

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  • He said I love you and you broke up with him? I don't get that.

    You are under 18 and I guess that guy is young too. At this age I bet he doesn't know what love means. Poor thing must hav had a rush of emotions and must hav felt that you are really special and you broke up with him?

    That guy sounds really sweet but I think he's gonna turn into a jerk thanks to you crushing his heart.

    I suggest you leave him alone. You have some issues.

    • I'm 17 and he's 22< and I brok up with him the first time cause I felt him and I were moving a little too fast

      and what issuse do I have

      (((not being defensive just cuerious)))

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