How can I get him back?

I want my ex back after 4 months of being separated. I realized he was right I do love him. When I call him what do I say? cause when he's mad he just says a word or too how can I get him to talk 2 me so I can win him back

how would he be making me jelous? and why only uses beautiful on a girl you wouldn't marry many people are beautiful so why don't you uses it unless your gunna marry her


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  • Well if you dumped him its gona be hard, he's been played once chances are he will less likely want to do it again. But if you really want to try and let him know at least you will know and won't have to wonder...

  • "win him back". he's not a frikin trophy. you don't love him, he doesn't love you. your fooling yourself, your obviously just looking for his attention. by the way didn't you just ask a question based on this guy. like 10 minutes ago

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    • So if your girl flirted with other guys you wouldn't have a prob with that? cause if my boyfriend was like that I'd dump him in seconds. I thought when you were with someone it ment just them not other girls

    • U obviously don't trust your boyfriend. that's the real reason you want out. but to go back to your ex because of that. is not acceptable. I personally don't mind if she's flirting because I trust her, and I know she won't cheat. and if she does that's it. I'm done. I don't tolerate cheating. once a cheater always a cheater

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