Should I break up and just befriend him?

So, I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about a month and a half. Things were so sweet at the beginning (the first 2 weeks). He’s that kind of guy who doesn’t go into relationships, he loses interest in people quickly, but we loved each other. lately, he changed, but he said it’s because of exams’ stress and bla bla, and i changed too. I felt like he wants to ditch me and i told him so, but he told me that I’m being paranoid and bla bla. Yesterday, we were talking and he told me about his bestfriends’ reactions to us dating, and they were all the same, things like (c’mon you fear commitment, you’re gonna fuck her over and bla bla) i felt afraid and told him so, then i told him i think we need a break, he asks why I’m saying this, but he told me if this is what i want then it’s okaay.
I dunno what should i do, should i break up with him? I do love him still... but I’m afraid of him cutting me someday.
Should I break up and just befriend him?
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