I thought I was over her but then recently I can't get her out of my head.

OK there's this girl that I really like that I met at a party a while back. we hung out a few times and went to our schools football game together a little over a month ago (college). well I told her that I needed to ask her a question the next day. she hasn't talked to me since then. I thought I was over her but then recently I can't get her out of my head. I've never felt this way before. the thing I want most right now in my life is to talk to her but on the other end the thing I'm afraid to do is talk to her. I've tried texting her (she might have gotten a new phone because hers broke) and messaging her on facebook. my heart feels like it stops whenever I think of her. what should I do? I don't really care if she says she never wants to talk to me again or if she does still like me but I need one or the other


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  • yeah sometimes you don't get the closure you want. no matter what you need to move on. talk to girls, enjoy your life, have new experiences.

    she isn't super nice anways from the way she handled it...she should at least ansewr a facebook message

    • Thanks. yea your probably right

    • Alwyas plenty of fish in the sea....you don't believe that in the midst of infatuation/liking someone but you'll see aftrwards...you'll like someone new :)

    • Yea that's true....but there's not a whole lot left in the sea...thanks to BP that is

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  • If you messaged on fb and you get no reply she's not interested move on...


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