What does my ex want THIS time?

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago for good. We were on and off for about 9 months because he was so fickle about me; some days he wanted to be with me, some days not. I ended it before and he wanted to try it again but then it started all over again. Then the last time I was so sure it would work, but it ended the same way: we was into me, we had a few good weeks, and finally he was distant and "too busy" to see me for weeks at a time (along with about a thousand other good break up reasons). I ended it when he was being a real jerk about something and I had to cut him off completely. He tried to call me once in between, but I didn't answer.

So, recently my brother told me that he had heard my ex was upset about something. Being my stupid self, I called him and asked if he was okay. He said he was okay and was really happy to hear from me. I kept it short and told him he could call if he really needed a friend. That then was followed by drunken, late-night texts and he told me he still liked me, which was then followed by morning apology texts and a short, nice conversation.

I swear to God, I am so sick of this behavior from him. He only seems to want me when he can't have me. He goes through extraordinary effort to get me back in his life when I'm not there, but then treats me like that girl that can't take the hint and go away when I am there. I don't know what to do. I care about him and want him in my life but I don't trust him at all about anything. What does he want and what should I do?


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  • I've recently been through the same thing.. If you don't trust him and he keeps messing you around you need to cut him off completely before things get really out of hand. My ex just kept running back when no other girl wanted him. I let him come back but now he has a new girlfriend and its killing me. You just have to stay strong and avoid him before you end up hurt. I wish I had done that! Good luck.

  • i'd say talk to him about the situation and how your feel if he's putting a lot of effort in getting you back. But it's kind of difficult if you have no trust in him and well if there's in trust there's no future for a relationship. are you sure he's not he's not using you just to build up his ego and getting you back just like that whenever he wants to. because if he really cared he'd try to do things right and spend time with you while dating. if you really think its worth it because only you know your story I suggest you talk to him, analyze things, give yourself time to see if his behavior is actually going to change.


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