Guys, what does my ex-boyfriend want? What are his intentions?

My ex (29M) and I (25F) were dating for 6 months maybe a little longer. From the start, I chased him and he said he wasn't ready for a relationship. Eventually, I became his girlfriend but the relationship was sub par, I guess. It just seemed like he fit the description for "He's just not that into you." Sometimes, he would show that he cared. Other times, no. We never had sex because he had problems with getting it up. He never said I love you. I always said I missed him but rarely would he respond with "I miss you too." and it was usually kinda forced. I just got sick of his bullshit. I broke up with him and I told him that I was sick of his bullshit and I told him exactly why. He said he "Understood" and that he "likes me but he just feels emotionless for some reason." So I responded with, "No, don't give me that bullshit. Text me when you actually feel serious about me and are afraid of losing me."

A week later, he texts me the day I have a job interview and says "You'll do great on your interview." to which I replied "Thanks."

We've been texting since then but I'm still very confused and it's driving me crazy. He used to be a ball buster but he hasn't done any of that. He's very nice and friendly. And he even flirted with me at some point. I don't get it. What the fuck is this guy's problem? What are his intentions with me? Does he want to be friends? Does he regret what he did and wants to get back together? If that were the case, he would be texting me more frequently, inviting me over to his place to make things right, etc. But he has yet to do ANY of those things. It really pisses me off. What do I do, guys? I am totally lost. I have to go over to this house tomorrow to get my things (which I had to initiate). I need advice guys and please be nice <3 lol
Guys, what does my ex-boyfriend want? What are his intentions?
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