To tell him or not to tell him?

I've been friends with a guy for about two years and we adore each other. long story short: we hooked up about three weeks ago. we talked about what happened and decided that we will leave it to time to decide (he didn't feel like he was ready... just broke up with his ex etc etc) things went quiet for a while, until he started sending me music links and hello notes again... I really miss him. anyway, a while ago I bought a ticket to a music concert and I just saw on FB that he's going too. should I tell him that I'm going, or just bump into him there? its a catch 22. I know that he's going so I don't want to act all surprised when I see him and I don't want to just tell him I'm going either... yelp! please.


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  • It I were you I'd tell him...


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