How to make my girlfriend leave me?

I want break up. She cheated on me, I caught her. I wanted breakup but she cried, apologized a million times, said she will die without me, left eating food. I gave her another chance, 2 weeks later I again found her talking to the same guy she cheated me with. I want breakup now and she is not letting me, gives me suicide threats, like not eating food and says she will die
1 y
I ignored her. I tried to explain her i dont want to be with her. She kept calling , messaging.
When ever I replied, i questioned her character and said bad things about her. Still she kept calling and messaging and ask me to meet. I had no other option but to say bad things for person she loves most. I knew only then she will leave me. I messaged her very very bad things for her mother, i knew she cudnt take it, and now its over from her side also. I can't express how guilty i feel saying such.
How to make my girlfriend leave me?
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