How should I interpret his actions....?

my ex of three years and I broke up four months ago.. he said he still wants to be friends but I told him I don't not only it would hurt but I know he has already move on to other girls ... I miss him a lot.. and know he does too... I have tried everything to keep it n/c but he keeps texting me that he misses me and that he thinks of me and he even text me that he loves me... (even the I told him to stop) I have ignored it and his calls four about one month until this weekend I called him to see how he is and we had a chat... he offered me a ride home from my job (I work far from home and I take a bus ) and I said yes picked me up and took me home while we where in the car he said he was hungry but I didn't know if he was offering me to eat with him or not so I just kept quiet, he called me sat and sun this weekend and I answered his calls but he made it short it was just weird because he hasn't called me specially on a weekend ...

i still love him and want him back ...but I'm not trying to get my hopes up... but how in the world should I interpret his actions.. is he still just trying to be my friend or is he just playing games?

PS we broke up once before because I cheated but he still looked for me after ... and this second time because he decided to move on... I just think he found someone else ...

but then why is he doing all this?


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  • sounds like he still likes you. Ask him straight out, & stop the guessing game.


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