This broke my heart and I don’t know what to do now😞?

I started dating this guy fiew weeks after he broke up with his girlfriend of 7months. Everything seemed perfect we had great chemistry and we were like really attracted to each other, we culdn’t keep our hands off of each other. After a month he said he is in love. Saddly we couldn’t meet a lot. We sent each other long and really sweet texts. Once he wrote that he is maddly in love with me, I’m the girl who he has been waiting for for his whole life and everything feels like a farytale with me. But he doesn’t know why he can’t give me as much as he would want to, he said that he feel exausted, and then named like 100 reasons why is he in love with me. That was amazing. After that everything went downhill. He started to go out a lot and ignored me when he did. But when we met he said that he loves me every 10 minutes and even after that he was really sweet for like 3days. Then came our anniversary, I sent him a really long text with sweet things and said that I will be waiting for him to take me out soon, because he promised it, but he said that it won’t be possible and did’t explain himself. Then I understood that I had enaugh and told him that I don’t like his attitude. He said he was sorry, but he can’t help it. He is exausted. We decidet to take a brake. While we were on this brake I texted him like once a week to check up and ask if he has decidet what to do, every time he said that he doesn’t know. Now... month into the brake I broke up with him. He said:” I don’t want to brake up, I still want to talk to you, yea, you can call me jerk and asshole, but I still really like you, I’m just confused” after that I just said bye and he texted:” Talk to you later😘”
I’m really confused and heart broken. Why is he treating me like that. I gave him everything he wanted, but he still did that. And now, when I broke up with him, he said that he doesn’t want to loose me? What does that mean? He doesn’t whant to be with me but doesn’t want to loose me.
This broke my heart and I don’t know what to do now😞?
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