What to get my ex for Christmas?

My ex boyfriend and I are working on a new relationship with each other. Meaning friends. We care for each other a lot. Maybe in the future we'll be back together. Well in the mean time Christmas is coming up and I'm not sure what to get him. He already has a lot from me. Clothes, cologne, watches, Ipad & Ipod.

What do you get a guy that has so much already?


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What Guys Said 1

  • a nice jacket would be nice, you don't need to go all out since he your ex now. if he's not getting you anything I wouldn't waste my money


What Girls Said 1

  • oh goodness I know how you feel my boyfriend has everything and more so its always hard to get him something so I just started noticing little things he enjoys. for example I saw he had a pocket knife and he said he likes how they look and different styles or whatever so for Christmas I'm getting him a pocket knife engraved with his name. sometimes its just special when you notice things they like and its a lot easier. hope I helped a little. good luck :)


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