What is my ex girlfriend doing? Is my ex stringing me along or does she not know what she wants?

My ex and I are best friends. We have been friends for almost all our lives. We went out for about 8 months. I know I wasn't the perfect boyfriend I admit that. I was controlling, and I wanted to change her, but I learned from my mistakes. And I wish I learned this before, we went out. I am really truly sorry. And she knows that I am sorry and that I have learned from my mistakes.

I talked to her today, and she says that she still has a crush on me. And that she does want to get back together with me, but then at the same time she doesn't. But she says if she does get back together with me, she feels that it will only be a physical relationship. She says that she isn't ready for a relationship. And she has to worry about college. She is Chinese so her family and her have education as a high priority.

She still flirts with me. She puts her head on my shoulder. She still talks to me every night. She still says good night sweet dreams to me. She says that I mean a lot to her. I just don't know what I am suppose to do. She says she just wants to be friends, but then if that's so then why does she continue to flirt with me?

Please I need anyone's help. Should I talk to her and ask if we should try things again? Maybe just to try things out again, because it seems like she is on the fence. What do you think you I should do?


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  • she's just confused. I've been in a similiar situation just like her: she wants you but feels it could ruin the friendship if it didn't work/she has a lot of other stuff going on...she certainly cares about you a lot...i say you let her make the decision...she will eventually make it clear to you what she wants...don't have the talk..get her to do it and she will when she is less confused...
    -please help me and answer mine?

    • Thanks I appreciate it a lot. She says she wants to be friends though, but she still does some of the same things that we did as a couple. And that really confuses me. It has been almost 4 months since we broke up, should I still wait for her?

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