Why did you break up with your last gf/bf?

^ Just looking for different reasons people break up. ^

Moreover, What makes you loose interest in someone? Like, say things are going pretty good. You don't fight or argue much. You really liked this person at first, but eventually you end up breaking things off with them. Why?

Feel free to share your reasoning.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Honestly, my last few girlfriends have broken off the relationship with me. The last 2 girls broke up with me because they could not deal with the fact that I wear panties. I mean, its just underwear people.


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  • Some people just grow apart. The both of us were just so focused on our own personal goals that a relationship turned out to be more like work.


What Girls Said 1

  • I broke up with my last boyfriend because he was so insecure. I have a lot of male friends and he hated that, but I wasn't willing to throw away 6 best friends.

    Also, he thought I was cheating on him because another girl who liked him told him I was to split us up, so he decided to "get even" and have sex with another girl, even though I've always been faithful to all of my boyfriends.

    It go to the point where after 5 months, he was so insecure he started to call me names to bring me down too, he even hit me once. In the end I got tired of his sh*t and broke up with him because he never put me first, he never opened up to me, the cheating obviously and him not trusting me to be faithful to him.


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