He believes that I still love my ex! What should I do? help!

my boyfriend boyfriend broke up with me because he believes that I still love my ex-bf (my boyfriend before him). he saw some pictures of him on my laptop and told me that he understand me if I still love him. he told me that if I want to get back with my ex go ahead.

i explained everything and even cried to death just to beg him to stay but he didn't listened to me. why is that guys has a very stoned heart? I still love him but I know it's really over. what should I do? help!

we get back together. after 5 days he called me up.

Thanks for the advices. :)


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  • The word "love" can either go far, or not far at all. Either he was looking for a reason to break up with you, or he was really upset that you had a picture of you and your ex on your computer. That kind of stuff should be long gone, or stored away in a hidden folder on your computer. It's a memory, and from a girls standpoint, we like to hold on to the happy memories. So I can see where you're coming from.

    The only thing that you shouldn't have done was cry and beg for him back. Most guys don't like to see or hear that. Just give them space. If they come back, then maybe it was meant to be. If they don't, well then it never was.

    All you can really do is just wait. The waiting game is hard, but sometimes it brings reality back to you.

    Good luck, though. I went through something similiar. Except it didn't turn out in my favor. :/

    Chin up. :)


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  • you told him. maybe he's using it as an excuse to break up with you. or he's crazy.

    • He's not making an excuse. he loves me so much. and he's one woman man. that's why he's very angry when he found the pictures.

  • why would there be a pic of your ex? that stuff shoule already be gone before you even date someone

    • Yeah you're right but its such a long story. I hate him he just only listen to his side. damn

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    • Now you just have to wait and see what happens either he will forgive you or its time to move on :/

    • That's the least I can do. thanks anyway. :)

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