Will I ever have a chance with this girl? :(

Hey so I liked this girl from work for like 3 months now and I finally asked her if she wanted to got to wonderland ( park with rides and stuff) and she said she was busy that weekend which she was she was hangout out with her girlfriends. We still talk and everything I just didn't ask her out again because I did not know if she was just putting me down. I'm 18 and she's 20 if that makes a difference.

p.s. I'm going to ask her to the movies once I have my truck on the road in like 1 month so I will pray she says yes and any tips how to ask her out again?


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  • See the first time over, she said no because of a valid reason :)

    Unless you try the second time over you never know.. And whether or not you have a chance with the girl would be determined if she turns you down/accepts your offer

    again the second time

    Now, as for the asking her out to movies part, be casual about it, like say "Hey I am plannng to catch so-and-so movie, wanna come along?"

    So even if she says no, it wouldn't be too embarassing for you if you happen to be be in a setting like your workplace :)

    • Thanks for that we are both very busy we work like 5-6 days a week so I will ask her again but I am 18 and she is 20 hope that does not matter. She is going away for school in like 3 months for like 3 months so maybe she does not want a boyfriend untill she gets back but I will still try.

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  • personally if a guy asks me out for a specific date that I already have plans for and I was interested in him I would suggest a different day. If she's still working around you and hasn't brought it up then she's probably not interested in you like that.


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