How do I know if he's over his ex?

so I told my crush that I'm into him but since he told me he got out of a relationship a few months ago (so did i)..i decided to take it slow and I told him that instead of just jumping into a relationship..i just wanted to get to know him more first.

he mentioned his ex to me a few times..maybe twice or thrice I think. how do I know if he's not over her? I can't just ask him since he knows I like him.

what should I do?


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  • If the two of you are spending time together and she calls/they have a conversation I'd think that's a huge red flag. I was with a girl where that happened at least twice during our first month of dating, one night at like 1am after we had sex her phone rings and it was her ex whining his ass off about some random problem. If that is what you are experiencing I'd ask him if he's over her or not, and if he really wants a relationship with you or if he is just f***ing around.


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