Breakup problems?

Me and my boyfriend were having problems, about a month ago he was like mayaa I won’t be able to marry you due to us being different religions muslim and sikh and his mom would not agree. But he was talking to me less then usual and barley texting me, so i texted him saying “i feel like you changed, i don’t think we can do this anymore” i was just doing this to get his attention but he was with friends, drunk, and he called me cursing me out he was like if you wanna break up, breakup cuz you want to, dont blame me. And then he was like you are right we should take a break or should just breakup. Now its been 3 days we haven talked we had a 401 snapchat streak we broke that also. But i really miss him, we dated for 2 years what should i do please help me, i can't decide what to do. Should i bring him back if yes then how or should i move on.
Breakup problems?
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