He has a girlfriend, why is he chasing me?

Met this guy through Tinder, he seemed really nice and we were into each other instantly. Then I had a message one day from a girl who turned out to be his girlfriend. First of all his girlfriend is psychotic and keeps signing into every single social media platform that he owns to keep tabs on him and delete me and other girls a lot. But as soon as I found out I was hurt and backed off.

He continued to chase me, so eventually I said we can be friends. He wouldn’t accept just friendship. So his girlfriend continued to find all of my social media and harass me and message me and I had to block her on everything. I blocked his number, he messaged me on Snapchat, I blocked, he Instagram messaged me, I blocked, he Facebook messaged me, I blocked, he made a new Instagram account to contact me. I gave him so many chances to tell me why he’s doing this, if he’s unhappy just leave her because this isn’t fair. I blocked the Instagram, he got another Facebook, I blocked that. In between blocks I would occasionally give him a chance to sort this out. Now he’s WhatsApp messaging me.

His girlfriend knows who I am and apparently angrily talks about me all the time, she harasses me and blames me for it all but won’t leave him even though he keeps cheating, he keeps chasing me when I’ve told him we can only be friends and if he wants to sort this he needs to make a decision. He keeps telling me I’m amazing, inspiring, he wants me and only me and he loves me. I know he’s not happy and nor is his girlfriend in the relationship but neither are breaking up. I’m trying to not like him but I do because I liked him before all of this. I don’t want to like somebody else’s boyfriend but he keeps finding ways to contact me when I tell him no! Why is he chasing me if he has somebody else?
He has a girlfriend, why is he chasing me?
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