What makes a guy want to cheat on their partner?

I know that sounds like a stupid question but I'd actually like to know what makes a guy want to cheat..


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  • They don't like a girl enough to not feel guilty sleeping with someone else, or they are just a type of guy that doesn't really care and will cheat all the time

    • But why would they stay with the girl? Why not just end it and then see other girls?

    • They might be 50/50 on the girl or she might have done something to really p*ss them off and make him doubt if the relationship is going anywhere, but later on he might realize that it wasn't that bad or something

    • Oh ok.. Thanks

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  • well, I'm a girl, but in the experience of being cheated on that I had, the guy was a bit of a sociopath and seemed to take some kind of pleasure in making women that he'd loved suffer. Hopefully that's not a common case. Obviously for some people cheating is just a drunken mistake but others do it consciously.

    Anyway there's never any excuse for it, no matter what the other person may have done.

  • they want something more or better some like to have "a litle strange" now and then sometimes they do it because their needs aren't being met and that doesn't just mean sexually it could mean that they are not getting thier emotional needs met maybe they are not getting attention that they need some men are also just players there are many reasons why they cheat


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