Let's hear it for the momma's boy...

so this guy I've been talking to states he is a big mommas boy...now I know there is multiple levels, but he makes it a point to state it every once in while in conversations...is this a red flag, or is just something I should be aware of...i would hate to date him then his mom turn out all psycho becuase someone id dating her baby boy, but if it is taken in the respect that he loves his mom a lot and respects her then that would be OK...would you guys ever tell a girl that?


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  • Sorry, but that is a big turn-off for me. It is one thing to know a guy is respectful of his mom, but as you said, there are multiple levels.

    Momma's boys can be the kind that will always put their mom before you. They may have been coddled by mom and used to having a woman take care of their every need. I personally have not met a momma's boy that I would want to date. Some are just too wimpy for me.

    However, you can date him and just keep your eyes open. Next time he mentions he is a momma's boy, ask him what he means and then just let him talk. Don't try to fill in any patches of silence as he explains. Just see what he has to say and, better yet, see what his actions show you and decide if that works for you.

  • Being a mamma's boy isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is if it stops him from having a normal relationship with a girl, but I think that would be in a lot of extreme cases. Its beens said that you can see how a guy will treat you by the way he treats his mother, this definitely has some truth to it cause my ex treated his mum like crap, and me like crap too. If he respects his mum and loves his mum, it means he respects women. Though he also might be comparing you to his mum, and you may never match up (some guys are weird like that). If you think it might cause problems, ask him about his past relationships just to get an insight on how they went with the mother, and him. If he hasn't had that many, or says something like 'we broke up cause my mum didn't like her' or something else that involves his mum, then that is a red flag. Dig as much as you need too. Good luck.


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