I was in a relationship with my girl for 10yrs. (Since we were 16). She just left. How do I show her how important she is to me and get her back?

She is the love of my life, but I have been distracted lately. I just shut down a business, starting a new career, and am filing bankruptcy. Things have been tense.

We have been together since we were sixteen, I am the only guy she has ever been intimate with.

She has already found a new apartment on her own. She says she needs time on her own to figure out what she wants from life.

She has wanted to get married, but I have put it off because I didn't think we were in the right position in our lives to do that yet. I always thought that we would eventually wed..

Our 10 year anniversary went by and we had supper and I left to go and work. I messed it up bad. That is when she said she made her decision to leave. That was four months ago. She just left.

How do I show her how important she is to me and get her back?


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  • How much contact with her have you had since you guys broke up?

    • At first I acted like a crazy person crying begging pleading. She was very patient.

      She has also sent emails and texts in response to my insanity, and say she still cares about me, and will always love me as a friend.

      She is living with her mother until the first of the month when her apartment is ready.

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