Do I tell him I’m walking away or do I just do it with no explanation?

We were seeing each other but just as it started getting serious he backed off. I thought he had genuine feelings for me, it didn’t feel like just a sex thing. So we had ‘the talk’ & he said he couldn’t handle anything serious but he couldn’t carry on seeing me for fun either. We spoke about it in great detail & he said it was because of Relationship Anxiety. But he said he really liked me, that he genuinely did care about me & was worried he’d hurt me so could we be friends & see if he could handle more at a later date. So I tried. But I just don’t feel he’s as into me as I am him. He seems very closed off. No matter how patient I am, he gives me nothing to indicate he cares about me as he claims. But still flirts & calls me ‘hot’ (even though he won’t have sex with me) So I’ve decided I can’t be his friend. I just want to forget my feelings for him & being his friend isn’t letting me do that.

I haven’t messaged him for 4 days now and he hasn’t messaged me. Usually he sends me a message if he doesn’t hear from me within a few days. So I expect he will message me at some point to see why I’m quiet. Do I send him a message explaining that I don’t want to be his friend anymore or do I just not say anything & ignore him if he messages me? I kinda want to explain to him why I can’t be his friend & I don’t want to just ghost him! But I also feel why should I explain myself when he can go 4 days without hearing from me & not check up on me in those 4 days?
Do I tell him I’m walking away or do I just do it with no explanation?
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