I'm planning on moving to London from the US.

How much money should I bring with me? I have a friend there who told me how much rent is usually and stuff but he lives there and always have, how hard is it to start a life there? I'm thinking of bringing like 5000, but I don't even know how much that is in pounds. I would need a working visa and I was told I'd have to be there for 30 days before I can even apply for one. I'd be paying for an apartment for about 2 months and I'd be searching during then, so I'd have a job right when I get my visa.

I know this probably isn't the place to ask, but It'd be nice to get some help. :]


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  • It's probably about £3 000 - but I'm not up to date on current exchange rates.

    Keep in mind London is the most expensive city in England. Rent is generally paid by the week, and is at the moment, obviously, very, very competitive. You're probably looking at paying no less than £200 a week and this will increase as you move into the centre of London. Then you have to account for living expenses, so places come gas, electricity etc, inclusive. Other's don't. There's food, transport, going out.

    Now I'm not to sure what you do about a work permit, but I'm sure it's quite tricky. As far as I know, your employer has to apply for you, so you need a job before you go. Though depending on your background (higher education and good work history) I think it's slightly easier and you don't need a job lined up before. But I think you could work for an American company in the UK without one.

    Problem is I think that if you come on a visitors visa, and then have to change to working - you have to move back to the US until things are changed. But things might have changed.

    But you should probably talk to a migrant agent or something like that.

    • I'm going to Stevenage which I'm told is right outside of London, my friend said that flats are 150pounds a month or maybe I mistook week for month because that is how it is here. Which he said is about 600 in US dollars, minimum wage there is 5.75, so it'll be difficult that's why I'm going to wait like 2 years and go to college so I can get a higher paying job hopefully.

      and that is a great idea about the migrant agent, where do I even go to talk to one though?

    • https://www.migrationmatters.com/

      check out that website - it might be helpful.

      And if you're planning on studying, you could study abroad in London, and you can get a permit specifically for study, which allows you to work temporary hours along with your studies I believe. Just another option.

    • I'm pretty sure going to college over there would be really expensive compared to here..but I'll think about that. It'd be nice to already have a job to apply a visa for, that'd probably work. I would be living in a dorm too so wouldn't have to worry about the weekly pay, just paying at the beginning of the year. I'll look into it, do they have community colleges?

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  • Probably not what you want to hear but I don't think it will be enough money. 5000 GBP is going to be a little less than $10,000 USD.

    I take it you probably want to move to New York where rent for even a one bedroom studio will be around $1200-1500 USD a month. Expect to have a full-time job in order to afford this and depending on how work competent you are and where you get a job (probably at a department store or a restaurant if you don't hold a degree.) The average job without a degree will pay anywhere from $9-20 USD an hour so you are looking at a salary anywhere from about $1500-3200/mo (possibly more depending on the job you hold).

    Now you have to consider those are just the payments for your apartment and not even full living expenses (water/power, cable tv, clothing, food) will run you at least an extra 200-500 a month. If you want to live in a big city its also very easy to spend a lot of money on personal enjoyment (bars, dating, entertainment) which can very easily add up to 200-500 dollars depending on how much you go out.

    I'd say $10k USD would last you 3-4 months in NYC. You may want to look into other cities such as Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Houston that might be a little cheaper. Also you may want to look into the out skirts of these cities (10-20 miles away from the actual city) that will be substantially cheaper. This will require having to commute to the city either through bus or owning a car.

    Los Angeles and San Francisco are going to be just as expensive as NYC but again you may try places that are miles away from the actual city such as the San Fernando Valley for LA.

    • She's going to London. Not to the US. lol Sucks you put in such effort but made it all for the US.

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    • I feel stupid.

    • You aren't, you just read the question wrong. I do it all the time! ha ha you gave good rates for the US though, and I found out most of what I need to know about rates in London. :]

  • 5000=3100 pounds. Give or take a few. For only 30 days based on a quick google search, that will be way more than enough.

    I was looking at this. link

    • While paying for a flat as well and other bills that come with? I really hope it will be enough, I'm going to try and save a bit more than that though.

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  • I'm actually planning to move to London from the U.S. too. From what I have been told you just have to be prepared to spend a lot. It is a lot more expensive there then it is here in the U.S. I think $5,000 should be fine. I would just be care fuly. Don't show up and start buying stuff you don't NEED until you start getting money. I hope it works out. I envy you so much right now. I have been dreaming about that for years.

    • Yeah its been my dream too :] I have a really good friend who lives there and I've just always been really interested in moving to the UK, Oh and the money I do bring with me, will not be spending money on whatever I feel like buying ha ha it'll be for an emergency like if I can't get a job and need to support myself for a couple months.

  • i went to england a few years ago and I usually doubled the prices of everything as a general way to keep track of how much items cost... so like when I bought a shirt that was ten pounds I knew it was a little less than 20 american dollars. but it also seems like everything in europe is more expensive, so expect to pay more for items than you normally would in the us


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