How do I let someone go that I never really had?

I met this guy on my birthday, and after hooking up with me he ditched me to go see his girlfriend (which I did not know he even had). After he left me, I hooked up with his friend who knew exactly had happened before. After that night the friend started pursuing me and wanting me, I played a little hard to get for a while because I was not interested in him. He would call me and come see me, till before I knew, I had fallen for the guy. The problem started when I asked him what was going on between us? If we were dating or just fooling around, and that either way I did not mind. He told me he needed time to think about it and I told him it was. 2Weeks later he still had not answered my question, so my crazy side came out, I started calling him all the time demanding an answer, having my friends and my cousin also calling him, and still nothing. About a week went by and he texted me and told me that it was not gonna work out and that he was sorry, and that I was not worth being a booty call. I really liked the guy so I still called him wanting to know why he did not want me, and he still would not give me an answer, all he told me was that he would call me back or come see me, which he never did. I stopped calling him and texting him, but I still cannot get over him. It has been 4months now and all I do is think about him and wonder what I did wrong and why he does not want me. All my friends say they told me he was not my type and that I was too good for him and I wouldn't listen, so they not interested in giving advice. Am I making an idiot of myself for a guy who does not want me? And how do I move on?


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  • Keep you mind on other things that are not about him.


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