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Brief History: I dated this guys named junior for 9 months. We got along great. We broke up. It’s been 2 months that we haven’t talked or seen each other, until last Friday. His friends and I still get along (They all have since added me on facebook, they requested me, and even his sister) and they invite me over to hang out all the time but I don’t go. Until last week (Friday) I went to one of his friends, Eric, birthday party and my ex Junior was there….It wasn’t awkward at all we were all drinking and laughing. I got invited by Eric’s girlfriend who I became very close too. All his friends and their girlfriends were very very cool with me. I was on facebook yesterday and saw one of his friends Rick who I saw at the dinner. I sent him a request, which I didn’t think it was a big deal since everyone else was cool with me. He added me but this is the message he sent me….( I just copied and pasted)

“Hey you what’s up! Don’t take this the wrong way I think your cool in fact I thought you guys were cool together but that’s besides the fact! I think its to soon to be talking with my best friends ex, of course no in that way! HahahahaJ I don’t know what happened between you guys but even if you and him say you guys are cool about it, I’ve been there and I just don’t want him to think I took side, I know he doesn’t think that but its out of respect, sometimes a person knows not to feel a certain way but people just do! I know at one point every guy may not be up to it, seeing their ex especially with his click! I’m still your friend trust me I know we all can be friends and my girl really likes you I just need to say this for my best friend!”

How should I take this? Guys opinions are greatly important here! Thanks


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What Guys Said 1

  • it's a warning to you that he's into you for the friendship because his girlfriend likes you and when those circumstances change, so will the nature of that relationship...he sounds like a Swiss

    • Thanks for that! I don't knw what "swiss" means....I just thought it was facebook not a big deal I guess not.

What Girls Said 1

  • He doesn't want you and him to get that close becaus his friend (your ex) comes first so he basically cares about what he might feel when he sea you two are friends. It's a bro thing.

    • Oh I get it...i just feel stupid now for being even friends with any of them

    • I know what you mean :/ just forget about them, you don't need them anyways.

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