Help me decode what his messages mean?

Hi there! So i broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years over us being unsure of where our future would lead. Well it has been about a year and I am at a point where I finally know that I want what he wants in a future. I pathetically messaged him one night just wishing him the best and that he received the promotion he had wanted. I did not mention anything about wanting him back or anything like that. He didn't respond. And i was ok with that because it had been so long without contact, of course a little bummed, but i accepted it. Well 2 weeks went by, and he messaged me back saying how he is sorry that he didn't respond and got caught up in work and all that. So my hopeless self replied saying it was alright and that I meant what I said and kept it very light. Then that same day (hours later) he responded to that message with a very cordial response. At no point did he ask me any questions (nor I to him) I did not respond.

So i know any rational person understands that him not replying for so long clearly means he doesn't care so I am not being naive thinking he wants me back. I am just curious as to why he actually did respond so much later rather than just leave it will all that time that passed. I know that these are all subjective opinions, but i figured it was worth a shot.
Help me decode what his messages mean?
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