Should I move on or wait for a reason?

My boyfriend and I have been in relationship for 2 years now. We have been through everything from being in a long distant relationship to living together. We recently decided we would move back in with our parents so we could save some money. The last three months of our relationship has been kind of rocky. He has admitted to cheating on me two times. I have always been faithful to him and have always tried to be a good woman to him. He started back working about 3 months ago after being out of work for 8 months. He drives trucks over the road. The last three times he came home he acts as if everything is OK for the first few days but before he leaves he always stop talking to me. He doesn't answer my calls or text messages. One particular time he told me that he don't think our relationship is going to work. But somehow we always end back up talking as if nothing ever happened until he comes home and start to ignore me again. I am tired of being hurt, and it hurts more when I text him and he doesn't respond. I haven't did anything wrong, I just don't understand why he hurts me so much. Should I move on?

What can I do to keep from hurting so much? I feel as if he doesn't care about my feelings.


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  • Move on. He cheated 2 times...


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  • He cheated, move on. He's not worth it.


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