What does it mean when he does all of this?

What do you think I should do in this situation?
Okay so me and my ex boyfriend decided to stay friends because I might be moving. He said he still loves me and would love to get back together with me if I don't move/ when I come back. At first we texted just as friends and then we stop talking to each other for 3 weeks. I decided I wouldn't message him because he never texts me back and I was feeling stressed out over certain stuff. I tried texting him a few days ago and he hasn't responded and he left me on read.

- he puts the playlist he made for me on private
- He unfollows my playlist from Spotify
- I have tried texting him yesterday and my message didn't say it was delivered.
- I texted him today and it said it sent as a text message.
-he still follows me on and is friends with me on every social media
-still watches my snapchat stories
-after we broke up, he said he still loves me and
-- he would be more than willing to get back together when I come back.
What does it mean when he does all of this?
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