Ho Humm, What to do!?!

My boyfriend (now ex) and I dated for 3 years. At one point we broke up, and he moved away for a year. At this point I was 2.5hr away. I started talking with this guy on the local university b ball team. I told my man about it, to which he advised me, if I want to keep my rep clean to just back away from the guy.

Fast forward a year. Boy moves back to my city and we decide we're gonna make it work. Everything is going OK. Suddenly one day, he asks if I had slept with anyone while apart. I said no, which was the truth. He goes on to explain that the b ball guy is saying different. Well, reality is we didn't sleep together. BUT my ex is choosing to believe otherwise.

What am I to do. I love my ex, but I also feel like I am the one who needs to be believed, not some random basketball guy who clearly is trying to boost his ego by saying we did sleep together. Do I just get over it, or, do I fight to prove I'm innocent!?!

Feedback is much appreciated.


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  • Sadly that is a huge red flag. You can not control people, what happens to someone is their own business, you shouldn't have to stick up for yourself no matter what you did while you were SINGLE. If he can't grow up and move on then what are you basing your relationship on? It will be on his mind and yours and that is no way to start off an old relationship again. If you really listen to him I bet he would sound very childish...

  • why does he care? you weren't together. you have no reason to lie.


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