He keeps telling me im going insane?

Ok so it's a long story but I will try and make it short as possible. I recorded my husband without him knowing "yes I know I was invading his privacy" and I am wrong for that and take full responsibility but it was for a good reason, the reason is that he was being very sneaky and just so distant and fishy and on top of that he was texting girls from work after I asked him not too like 4 different times and he promised he wouldn't after every time but still did. So anyhow I recorded him and he ended up finding out and I did not know about it but before he ended up finding out I had already heard a few recordings and on one if the recordings he had a girl in car and he asked her if she was going to be down for it? And she replied that's what you said the last time he then asked her do I nake a right and she said no you make a left. Mind you all this time he is supposed to be picking our kids up from school while I'm at home with our newborn baby he leaves house maybe 2 hours early to pick them up and claims to be just hanging out at mins or just spending time alone and is then an hour late for my kids? Anyways I still continued to record and in the recordings it sounds like he is having sex but can't be too sure because since he found out I was recording he just put hand over phone and muffled out sounds he then got into my email account and went into my Google drive and modified all the recordings. I confronted him and asked him to hear recordings and he refused and continues to deny it being him. It has caused some major problems and we are on the road to divorce. Why would he continue to deny when we both know that it's him.
He keeps telling me im going insane?
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